President: Ron "Mowron" Diebold;   Vice President: Mark "Gibby" Gibson;   Secretary: Jean Foster;   Treasurer: Tanya "Martha Stewart" Coomer;  Track Master: Phil "Dr. Phil" Thompson;  Web:  Keith "Pork Chop" Dillard Mark "Frankenstein" Kelsay


Next Race September 8, 2007 at 7:00 pm...Instead of Classes, we will run by Time Trials !!! 

Waving the flag...

                                                   Map to Allenville, MO                               

Wanting to come to our next race!? Check out the race schedule link and plan on bringing your favorite lawn chair (dress accordingly). Admission is free and we have concessions and toilets as well. Come for a family night of racing fun!! Worried about the weather? Click on the KFVS 12 logo above to find out.

See the rules and regulations regarding modifications you can do while building your racer. All classes are competitive. Build a racer for each class if you wish!  GO FAST/TURN LEFT  is the basic race lingo.

Feel free to browse our website using the links . Any questions or comments may be directed to anyone listed in our membership page. If you are interested in building a racer and/or becoming a member of  the club please contact us with any questions. 

Semow Track IMG_1300

         Here is a Picture of Our Track

You can see a list of our clubs supporters here Please patronize the businesses as without the donations of cash/items we wouldn't have been able to complete our new race facility this year. THANKS TO ALL DONATORS!


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